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About me and my work

Hello, I am Vito (He/him). 

I am a  psychologist and licensed psychotherapist specialized in cognitive-behavioral therapy CBT. 


My practice mainly focuses on helping adults aged 18 years or older.

I offer psychological, sexological counseling, and individual and couples psychotherapy in German, Italian, and English.

I work here in Berlin and through video sessions. 

I use a multifaceted approach to psychotherapeutic intervention, blending the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy with a range of complementary methodologies. This includes incorporating elements from systemic therapy, schema therapy, Rogers' person-centered approach, art and music therapy and other techniques, creating a holistic and tailored approach to each individual's needs.


The cognitive - behavioral therapy is based on change: it is pragmatic, structured, and linked to the here and now.

The patient is projected into a future in which is the architect and protagonist of the own processes of change and healing. The patient-therapist relationship plays a key role within this process. The therapist guides the patient in the right direction, points the way and helps to find the necessary resources. The psychotherapist assumes the role of "expert counselor" by highlighting and reinforcing the person's positive changes during psychotherapy. 

In therapy, the present is used to observe the person's functioning mechanisms while the past tells the story.

During sessions, work is conducted simultaneously on cognitive, behavioral, and relational levels.


On the cognitive level, processes related to thoughts and mental schemas, as well as beliefs affecting and being affected by emotions in an ongoing interaction with the external environment, are explored. Automatic patterns and the personal significance attributed to experiences are observed and assessed. Efforts are made to modify dysfunctional structures and processes causing distress. Psychotherapy aids individuals in recognizing dysfunctional thoughts and adjusting them when detrimental to their health and psychological well-being.

In relation to behavior, automatic patterns and observable actions are scrutinized to assess their impact on well-being. This encompasses the identification of maladaptive behaviors and habitual responses that contribute to distress. Through targeted interventions, the aim is to modify these patterns and promote adaptive behaviors conducive to positive change.

The therapeutic relationship plays a crucial role in behavioral therapy, as it serves as the basis for facilitating change and promoting growth. In behavioral therapy, the relationship between therapist and patient is characterized by collaboration, trust, and mutual respect.

The integration of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy with my clinical interventions and training has been shown to be highly effective across various domains of intervention, including:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

  • Social phobias and specific phobias

  • Somatizations

  • Depressive disorders 

  • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

  • Addictions

  • Emotional addiction

  • Sex counseling and therapy

  • Problems related to low self-esteem 

  • Psychological pain due to separation or bereavement/loss

  • Problems related to Migration

  • Counseling focused on LGBTQIA+ themes/problems

  • Counseling and therapy related to binary and non-binary gender identities

  • Systemic couples therapy for people in traditional or polyamorous relationships 

  • Sexual couples therapy for people in traditional or polyamorous relationships 

Diversity Welcome

I work in German, Italian and English. I am also specialized in: PoC, BIPoC, migrants*, expat*, queer*, inter*, trans*, LGBTQIA*+, GSM (Gender and Sexual Minorities) and MsM.

If you need more information about costs, free capacities, waiting list etc., please send an e-mail to: vitomanduano(at)

Member of 

Consiglio Nazionale Ordine Psicologi 

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verhaltenstherapie 

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sexualforschung 

Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Berlin (Nummer 35608)

Ordine Psicologi Lazio

Psychotherapeutenkammer Berlin

Salutare e.V. 

Training and international qualifications


Schematherapeut - IAST – Italian Academy of Schema Therapy - Rom


Sexualtherapeut - isiBerlin – das Institut für Systemische Impulse - Berlin


Mitglied - Psychotherapeutenkammer Berlin


Approbation als Psychologischer Psychotherapeut in Verhaltenstherapie - Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales (LAGeSo) - Berlin


Zertifikat Fachsprache für Psychotherapie C2 - Psychotherapeutenkammer - Berlin


Suchttherapeut - Gruppen und Einzeltherapeut im Rahmen der ambulanten Rehabilitation Abhängigkeitskranker - Berufliche Anerkennung - Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund Abteilung Rehabilitation - Berlin


Paartherapeut - ICEEFT - International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy - Berlin


Klinischer Psychologe - Berufliche Anerkennung - Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen e.V. - Berlin


Experte für Planung und Durchführung von Maßnahmen in der psychosozialen Gesundheitsversorgung - CRP Centro di Ricerca in Psicoterapia - Rom


Psychotherapeut - Kognitive Verhaltenstherapie KVT - CRP Centro di Ricerca in Psicoterapia - Rom


Psychodiagnostik - ARPIT - Centro di Psicologia e Psicoterapia di Roma - Rom


Mitglied - Ordine degli Psicologi del Lazio - Rom


Staatsexamen Psychologe - Sapienza Università di Roma - Rom


Diplom Psychologe - Dipartimento di Psicologia - Sapienza Università di Roma- Rom


Guest Student Erasmus  2 Semester - Institut für Psychologie Universität Hamburg - Hamburg


Art Therapy & Counseling - ASPIC - Scuola Superiore Europea in formazione in Counseling e Psicoterapia - Rom



Geschlechter und Sexualitäten in Psychotherapie und Beratung - Buch


I pianeti del Fanfulla I suoni in contatto con le emozioni. Programma psico-educazionale rivolto agli utenti del servizio domiciliare del centro riabilitativo E.C.A.S.S. 

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Psychologischer Psychotherapeut 

Verhaltenstherapie - Paartherapie - Sexualtherapie

Eingetragen ins Arztregister der KV Berlin Nr. 35608

Psychotherapeutische Praxis am Zionskirchplatz 

Griebenowstr. 10/11 - 10435 Berlin

Tel. +49 (0)30 21953362 

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